Vibratory Stress Relieving of Metal


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Vibratory stress relief (vsr) of metal is the method of reducing residual stress by using mechanically induced cyclic force. It has become common practice to use vibration in the course of fabrication and machining through the entire metal working industry.

Vibratory stress relief is actually a non-thermal stress relief process that uses closely managed, high power, mechanised vibration energy to redistribute interior stresses in castings, forgings, and welded structures and components. Vibratory stress relieving drastically decreases dimensional instability in the course of machining, increases fatigue life, and reduces distortions in the course of assembly, test loading, transportation, and field use of a variety of metal components.

The two main methods of using vibrations to try to stress relieve metal – resonant and non-resonant. Benefits associated with vibratory stress relief consist of low price, rate of treatment, extensive weight and size capacity, no discolouration  and mobility of the apparatus compared to other stress relief solutions.

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